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My motivation doesn’t lie in money, ego, or, like Steve Jobs, to create ‘works of art.’ I’m no blood thirsty capitalist, no narcissist, and certainly no artist. Instead I want to seek control over my own life and to be entirely responsible for the outcomes. I want to do as I please, without having to worry what coworkers/bosses will think. The fact that I used to worry if I had built enough mind-numbing decks between now and my last employee review in order to get a 5% raise at the end of the year is an insult to all the amazing advances people have made over our short time on earth.

As humans, I truly believe we want to do real work. We are wired to create, solve, improve, optimize, economize, simplify, and invent for it is the fiber of our species. And it depresses me to know that I (and many of my friends/peers) haven’t done any of those things since college. This is my reason for starting a company. I want to create something, fix an existing problem, and absolutely and completely own it myself, the way I want to.

 Go forth and build. What’s the worst that could happen?

The Decision…. (Not Quite LeBron James)

Three and a half years out of college and I have decided to say “Fuck You!” to the corporate world. A sentiment that is no doubt shared by many disaffected people in the work force, and common sentiment to harbor.

Now for the hard part….. I’ve decided to start a company.

My main motivations:

  • I dont wan’t to talk about how it was 5 degrees colder than it was at this time last year in Cape Cod. I’d rather be working on something I care about.
  • I don’t ever want to be asked “Hey. How do you work the printer?” just because I sit next to the printer.
  • I’m tired of being forced to dress up as a dancing Kia commercial Hamster being chased by singing Fraggles in the company Halloween Talent Show because it encourages ”team bonding.” (yes, seriously).
  • I never want to hear “That being said” or  “from a ______ perspective” or “ASAP” again.

But ultimately, I don’t want to be obligated to do things I don’t want to. Giving up my time to be somewhere that I don’t really want to be, in exchange for some money to pay off some bills I don’t really want to pay so I can have two days of “freedom” every week is not how I want to live the next 40 years of my life. Time is my most valuable asset. 

Now that I plan to start a company, I am going to chronicle my choices, thoughts, (mis)adventures, motivations and progress here for people to track. I also hope it will keep me motivated and prevent me from becoming complacent, since there is no better time to start than now….